Sunday, January 29, 2012

9 months old

Alternatively titled Better late than never.  I tried to get our bear shot on the day he was nine months old...didn't happen, the picture of him arching his back and crying....pretty much sums up the photo shoot.  I was going to take his picture a few days later....and then he caught a cold and was very on the 25th...15 days after turning 9 months old we got the much harder to take now....but I think we got a good one!

Some stats and Facts:

Still not sleeping through the night.
Pulling up on EVERYTHING!!!  Too chicken to let go though
Moved up to Size 4 diapers
Loves to eat and really likes yogurt, yogurt bites, apples, fruit and goldfish crackers
Around 23-25 pounds depending on the day
Happy and Smiley
saying BABABA, DADADADA and other sounds
Waving at EVERYBODY!!!

1 comment:

Melisa Lord said...

He is getting quite the personality!!! So cute!