Wednesday, July 25, 2012

True or False

...I have a headache right now.

...change is on the horizon and while I can see it taking shape I don't know if I will like the outcome of said change.'s 100 degrees or higher outside and I am tired of it.

...I'm struggling with the ages and stages of my children.

...I sometimes feel underappreciated by the members of my family.

...bills make me stressed.

...Jayden is walking around the house with a broom and does this daily!

...Jaron is super sweet at times and super frustrating at other times.

...I've been using the same brand of deoderant since high school.

...I need to moisturize.

....I am thankful for dollar store flip flops and wear them practically every day.

...I forgot a load of laundry in the washer for 4 days. hands hurt from cutting out small pieces of stuff.

All of the above is absoluetly true....not a falsehood in the bunch...and that's okay.

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