Monday, October 12, 2009

God Laughs

I think that God laughs at the futility of man. Take for instance the weather.

For years we have heard about "GLOBAL WARMING" and how we need to do all this stuff to make sure that we don't overheat the Earth. That we are causing damage and destruction at a rate never before seen and that it needs to stop before everything melts and all animals die.

Don't get me wrong. I believe that man is a very bad steward of the wonderful creation that God gave us. We treat the Earth badly and have caused the destruction of many things and we don't treat it the way God intended. However the Earth has changed throughout history and we don't have any control over it...God is in control of ALL THINGS.

Now back to the weather. We are having the coldest October that I can remember. I am dressing in layers and warm clothes everyday. I am making sure that my kids are warm enough at the bus stop and am soon going to be getting them hats and gloves. So I think that God is laughing at all the fear of Global Warming and is giving us some very cold weather to deal with. We may be in store for a wet and cold winter this winter.

Makes me look forward to hot tea, warm blankets, warm socks and cozy jammies.

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Anonymous said...

Makes me jealous! Each time I see a coment about snow or fall I get a little homesick. So to deal with it I do the next best thing and go lay out by the pool and try to work on my nonexistant tan. : ) I'll try to send some warmer weather your way.