Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sometimes We Hurt

This week my heart has been hurting.

When you teach kids they become your kids.(or at least they do for me) You love them, you laugh with them, they can make you cry and they bring you joy. You have those moments where your exasperated but that goes away when they have a great day and you accomplish so much. And then May comes and you pass them on for the next teacher to experience the same joy that you felt. By May, you sometimes are more than ready for them to go!

Sometimes, the day you have to pass them on comes earlier than you would like. Families move, change schools, or have other circumstances where they have to leave your classroom. It never fails too that this is that special child that really has wormed their way into your heart and is good, sweet, and challenging all at the same time and you are disappointed that they are the one that is leaving.

This happened this week. One of the three girls in my class had her last day at school on Thursday. On top of that, another parent from another grade had caused trouble causing me to have to be the sub for the First and Second grade class and my students had to join other teachers instead of getting to be with me, so I didn't get to have that last day with my student. I did join them for the good-bye party at the end of the day and get my hugs and the like, but I didn't get to have my kids make her good bye cards and pictures, we didn't get to prepare the other children that one of their classmates is leaving, we didn't get true closure.

I am so angry inside right now. I am angry that another parent can't see past the end of their nose and realize that his child is not the only child in the world. We all want the best for our kids, we do, I am no exception. However, I approach school decisions with the mindset that I know that the school is doing what is best for the MAJORITY of the children that are entrusted to their care. It is not my place to complain about how the school is run. I would never impose my will on them. His decision to make an issue of something, where an issue was not needed, caused pain on many different levels. My students, me, and others will be affected by his decision.

So I am hurting. I am sad. I am angry. I am disappointed. I need to remember that God is bigger than this and He can take the hurt away. I need to forgive that parent who I am angry with right now and pray that he starts to see that his actions effect others. I need to head to school Monday, ready to jump into the day and meet the needs of the 9 children that are in my class and see that they do their very best!

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