Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brr..a chill in the air...

Makes my feet really cold. The days are growing shorter, the temperatures are cooler and we are in the middle of a beautiful fall pattern.

The days get warm enough but the nights are nice and cool. Really good sleeping weather, really not good waking up weather but I am adapting to the cool mornings and trying to make it less stressful for me by laying out clothes and making the kids lunches so that all I have to add is sandwiches and cheese in the morning.

Last night I made homemade pumpkin bread with the pumpkin we pureed from the pumpkin's all gone already. I took one loaf to work to share, Dan ate an entire loaf by himself, and I shared a loaf with my parents. It was so good I want to make more already but I will wait till later this week.

The kids were awesome tonight. They worked on homework with out complaining and they are playing so nicely together. I am truly a blessed mom to have such awesome kids. School is going decently and life is moving at a rapid clip. I am so thankful for a decent paying job, a school where my children are doing well, and a roof over my head and a nice warm bed to climb into at night.

Dan is at work and we miss him but I am working on keeping him on his meal schedule...he's doing well at sticking to eating healthy and I am very proud of him. He's really working hard at it. He's shown real dedication and I think he is really seeing the benefits.

Well, that's a's almost bedtime and I need to get the kids to bed. So I am off to do the mom thing...

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