Monday, April 5, 2010

Being Regular

NO, this is not a post on digestion and the like.

One of my kids in class today told me he was glad I was back and that are day would be "regular". I had taken a couple of days off last week and my class missed me. One boy in particular hates when I am gone and he was so happy that I was back and that we would have a "regular" day, when I asked him what he meant by that he told me.

"Mrs. Jonathan, a regular day is when you are here and we do all the things that you have us do and you say all the things you always say and it's just good".

So here's to having a Regular day! Hope that you have someone tell you that they really like regular days! My heart was full of joy due to this little boy's statement and it was a normal regular day and I think I liked it!

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