Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Lazy yet Busy Saturday

I'm feeling tired tonight.

It's been a long day, a good day but a long day.

I should really go to bed but since all of the Good bedroom sheets are currently getting dried in the dryer that really isn't a possibility right now. I don't want to climb onto a wet bed, that's not a pleasant thing.

Yet it was a good day. An almost productive one.

I got to sleep in...I love sleeping in...till 9:15..when Dan woke me up to tell me that I needed to go and pick up the girl soon...she was at a T&T slumber party with some of the church girls. She had to be picked up by 10. After getting her home and Dan off to Bible Study I had a wonderfully long conversation with my delightful sister and discovered that I can take pictures and talk on the phone at the same time...I had never done this before and the pictures were of my hand but I have learned it is possible..weird things happen to me!

After Dan was home from Bible Study he was hungry and really wanting breakfast food so we headed over to IHOP and enjoyed a hearty breakfast for nice on a cool rainy morning,er, afternoon. I then got to go grocery shopping ALL BY MYSELF! That rarely happens and it was quick and easy without needing lots of extra stuff...I love quick and easy!

We cleaned up the living room and did some investigating of some local organic suppliers of fruits and vegetables, and then just hung out at home. I love when the whole family is under one roof. We don't even need to be doing anything but being together. It's such a nice feeling.

Well, I'm off to check on the sheets....good night world, see you another day..

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