Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I had a nice long chat with my sister tonight.

We talked all about things that are going on in my life and about things that I need to change, and ways I feel that I need to grow Spiritually and all. Well, somehow we got onto the topic of socks.

We both HATE folding socks. Its a hang up from our childhood. My mother had this box that she labeled..."the Graveyard of Lost Socks". In it went all the socks that didn't have matches. Then the next week she would look to see if the match ended up there. She was good at it, she could find the missing socks and we would joke about the "Graveyard" and have fun with it. So when I got my own house I decided to have the same thing and yes it's a practical way of finding missing socks but to me it's also a curse...see sometimes, Socks get LOST....permanently, and you never find the match. Well, I now have a graveyard of Lost Socks on my dryer...where I put the ones that are missing matches....and it never gets empty....there are always missing socks. I have lots of mismatched fact I have so many that I even have BABY socks...and my kids are NOT babies...I have made this looking for the mismatched sock into something my mother never did...and it's become my curse.

Well, my sister now throws them away....isn't that an amazing I don't do...I just hold on to these mismatched, missing socks like they are worth my time and effort. 9 times out of 10 I never find the match! And yet I am holding on to these socks like they are GOLD. Am I so worried of breaking the bank that I can't just buy new socks when we need them? Am I afraid that if I get rid of them I will somehow miraculously find the match?

Dan and I get into fights and stress over SOCKS...there are more important things in life than SOCKS. Why are these little things causing me so much stress...honestly I have better things to stress I am going to take the wisdom of my sister and begin to throw SOCKS out when I can't find the matches. I am going to buy us new socks regularly so that we always have enough and I will not feel GUILTY for wasting money...heaven knows I waste money in so many other ways without feeling guilty I should not feel guilty over comfy feet.

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