Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break Accomplishments

I will admit that I have the ability to overlook, ignore and postpone places in the house that need attention. It's a problem that I am working on. Well, since I was on Spring Break and had lots of time on my hands I decided to tackle a few areas that were in need of some serious attention. They had gotten completely out of control! So here's the fruit of my labors....a nice clean laundry room and a more organized office! The next steps are to keep them this way!

Laundry Room Before: I couldn't even walk all the way in without stepping on a pile of laundry!
The dryer was overrun with piles of mismatched socks, and other piles of misc. clothing

The office before: Piles of junk, cord everywhere and so much Dust!

The Office After: I cleaned up all the dust and made sure that the surface areas were clutter free!
There is a bucket for headphones, cell phones, MP3 players and all the USB cords that go with them.
The Laundry Room After: The Floor is clear and the rug down. I can walk and turn around with out stepping on anything that I should not step on.
I have a graveyard for lost socks, only one pile of towels to put away and I have room for the laundry supplies I use on a regular basis! I also rehung most of the hanging clothes in the closet, the ones hanging are the ones waiting to be ironed

I'm feeling proud of my accomplishment and inspired to attempt more areas of the house as I have time and energy. The kids and Dan have also been very impressed with my actions and that is so helpful in helping me maintain my motivation!

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