Saturday, March 27, 2010

My New Toy

My Birthday present from Dan was a new camera. I took it to school this week to get snapshots of my classroom. I am enjoying experimenting with all the different things it can do and to see what types of pictures I can take. I am totally loving it! Here's a few of the over 100 pictures I took. (most of the pictures were pictures of my class and I try not to post their images to the web)
This is the tired swing that hangs in Playland.
The coconut tree that is in my classroom, our theme is Under the Coconut Tree.
This is one of my students who was reading a book on the carpet...he was being stubborn and only peaking out at me now and then and I sorta captured his image!

One of the boys in my class was building with alphabet blocks and I decided to lay on the carpet and try and get some interesting angles of his building.

I'm really enjoying this new phase of picture taking for me and I am enjoying looking for a new a more clever snapshot! It's so much fun!

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