Saturday, March 6, 2010

33 Good things

Today I turn 33. Wow...that's a big number. Well, instead of dwelling on how old I am I have been thinking of 33 blessings in my life. Here goes:

1. Salvation--honestly, life would be so much harder without this one...I can't imagine no hope.
2. My husband
3. My kids
4. My parents
5. My Sister
6. Dr. Pepper...seriously, I'm an addict.
7. My church
8. My job
9. My awesome coworkers in Yellow hall
10. Technology...I can keep up with people all over the world easily and cool!
11. A good book.
12. a warm blanket
13. Dark hot chocolate covered in whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate good!
14. Hugs and Kisses
15. Mexican Food...I love it!
16. Not having to cook!
17. A comfortable bed.
18. Music
19. My BIBLE...this one is higher but I left it off...oops...
20. Indoor Plumbing...especially on cold nights!
21. Hot Showers
22. comfy!
23. Digital cameras...I got a new one for my birthday!
24. DVR's....I like getting to watch one show while I tape another...I'll admit's selfish but who cares!
25. Washing Machines and Dryers...even though laundry can be never ending it's so much easier than it used to be
26. ideas, thoughts and creative outlets.
27. singing
28. automobiles that run!
29. air-conditioning---I love summer but hot humid summers are more bearable with A/C.
30. Playing volleyball
31. ice cream
32. Nintendo's fun and the whole family gets to play!
33. that I have a whole year to fill with new memories and fun things!

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