Monday, March 29, 2010

Lets Go Fly A Kite!

It's SPRING BREAK!!! At least for the kids, and so Dan and I are both taking time off of work to hang out with them and get in some good quality family time! Dan loves to fly kites and yesterday was warm with a breeze and we decided to go and hang out and fly kites. It took us quite a few attempts to get the kite up into the air but once one was up, Dan attached a second one too it and we had fun flying the kites! I'm not as into kite flying but I do love taking pictures and so I spent time with my camera getting fun shots of my family! It was a lovely evening activity!

Jaron watching the kites
Dan, Janea and Jaron trying to get the parafoil up in the air!

Jaron had fun chasing the kites tail!

Still trying to get it up! Jaron's turn to hold the strings!
Daddy finally got a Delta kite up!
Janea holding the parafoil so that Dan can attach it to the Delta!

Janea flying the kites that are together, they would dive and roll so you had to be on top of it!

Dan and Janea flying the kites!
I found my shadow and took a picture to prove I went too...that's the only bad part of holding the camera...where's MOM?
Here I am!

Today we are going to go and see a movie that Janea earned for school and spend more time as a family together! I am so grateful that we are able to take time off together!

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