Friday, March 26, 2010

Whew...what a week...

I'm feeling tired today.

I had a really long week this week. My class has needed me to be extra firm today and I am tired. The week wasn't bad, just busy with lots to do and lots of noise. We've had lots of changes in the weather this week also which I think was contributing to the craziness. We got to play outside today and I was so glad!

It's Friday and I am thankful to be home. Dan is working overtime tonight and while I will appreciate the extra money I am missing him. I look forward to Friday's and getting to hang out with the whole family.

Jaron and Janea are on Spring Break starting the afternoon for a whole week! Dan's taking the whole week off to be with them and I am taking Tuesday and Thursday so we can have some fun as a family. It'll be a good thing.

Loving the Spring Weather we are having today, it's a littly breezy and cool but the sun is shining and it makes for good spirits. Hoping for good weather next week so we can spend some time at the park with the kids. It'll be good. We need some fresh air and exercise!

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