Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So I am trying to register for Baby J.

My friends at church are being generous and hosting a shower for me. The only problem is I don't know what to register for.

There are so many choices and when you try and do it online you don't know a store item from a online item and wow I spent over an hour today and maybe registered for like 10 thing...most of them baby towels...those I know I'll need!

So I have posted for help on Facebook and now I'm posting for help here...what types of things do I need.

I have:
pack and play
bedding set
some flannel receiving blankets
some diapers and wipes
working on carseat...trying to get a really good deal from

I know I will need more diapers, wipes and the like...pretty familiar with brands too since I work in childcare...but I need ideas for other things I may need. I'm really out of touch with the baby side of things and I get really overwhelmed.

Thanks for the input...I can really use it!

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