Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So Saturday night I came down with the flu.

It's been a doozy of a couple of days. I have felt terrible, horrible, no good, very bad. We didn't make it to church on Sunday and by Sunday night I seriously was concerned as I was having bad pain in the upper right side of my uterus. Plus, Baby J was kicking there a lot and the discomfort was I called the nurse hotline and was advised to go in if the pain continued. Well, changing positions helped alot and by the time I went to bed the pain had subsided enough to sleep.

Monday I had a Doctor's appointment and described my symptoms. The doctors did a protein swab test to see if I am at risk for preterm labor and an internal exam and so far the contractions I have off and on are not causing baby J to dilation or thinning of the cervix(sorry if to much TMI). He did prescribe a muscle relaxant and recommended that I take it easy and be on bedrest as much as possible. However, I can be up some, and I can still drive so it's not total bedrest. I have a pulled muscle from coughing and it's causing contractions

Today I spent sleeping...and resting....for like the whole day. If I could just stop coughing I think I would feel better. So I am resting...resting, resting...and while I am starting to feel better I am also just a tiny bit bored with the whole thing....I've wanted to get to rest and now that I am here and I am wanting to do something else...oh the fickleness of life!

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