Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a Week!

In case you live under a rock or in a Sunny warm area where snow is a non issue let me tell you...I just lived through my second blizzard! The weather this week has been interesting to say the least and I am so looking forward to's a look at our week.

I took the kiddos to school...there was some slight freezing drizzle, the roads weren't bad but there were slick spots so you had to be careful. I came home and did a few things since I wasn't going into work until later due to an OB appointment for my 28th week of pregnancy. Dan made it to work with no problems and all in all it was a normal day for us. I get to the doctor, get all the stuff done that I need to do and have my glucose test....hate the stuff they make you drink for this test...ick! My doctor says something about making sure I'm careful and everything and that I should probably just stay home since there is a 100% chance of snow for the next day and a blizzard warning. Well, I spoke up and said that it would help if I had a doctor's note excusing me from work since pregnancy and driving are not the best combo and my company would be more understanding if I had doctor's recommendation to stay home...and he wrote it. The kids ended up with a early dismissal and then Dan worked later than normal...let me just say that our Babysitter in the afternoon is totally awesome! I get home and then learn that the kids school is being cancelled for the next day which I was totally expecting and I get ready to plan for a quiet day at home watching the snow fall....Dan prepares to leave for work earlier and we have a contingency plan set up for him to possibly stay near his work for the evening if the roads are bad.

Dan and I wake up early...Dan leaves early for work and makes it before it really starts snowing. The kids and I prepare to be home. By 8:30 we can't see the road's snowing steadily and I am thankful to not be driving in the weather. At 10:45 I get a call from Dan saying that they have closed his company for the day and that he is on his way home. He gets home by 12:30 and we enjoy a nice lunch was a lazy afternoon watching the blizzard blow in and seeing the weather and wind change....we were kinda mean parents and sent Jaron for the trash cans in the middle of a heavy patch of snow! Dan and I got naps...that evening Dan and I call his company and find out that we all have a snow day for the next fact my work closed on Wednesday as well. We enjoy a family movie night that night and look forward to sleeping in.

We start the process of digging out. Our house has a super long driveway that runs the length of the house to a cement pad in the back where the garages are and so it takes a LONG time to long in fact that we techincally haven't totally finished. Both cars were in the garage too so we had to clear enough room to get the cars out of the garages. We worked for many hours and still didn't finish the job...we get a call that the kids don't have school for Thursday too. This starts the great debate of who stays home with the kids and what to do..Dan decides its his turn and that he will drive me to work after getting the van out.

Dan gets the curb clear and gets the van out so he can take me to work. Then he and the kids spend the afternoon clearing the walk and enough room in the driveway to park the two cars. I went to work and found out that I had no kids on Tuesday so I totally felt better for not being at work...the conditions were really bad...Dan picks me up from work and we enjoy a pizza dinner at Pizza Hut.

School is back on and it's a normal day. Dan goes to work and then gets a flat tire. So on my lunch break I have to head to the bank and do a balance transfer so Dan can get four new tires for the van. Again very thankful for the babysitter who was able to watch the kids longer than normal. I get home totally exhausted. The week really hit mehard and the baby was very active all day causing me pain. Add to the pain uncomfortable chairs and hard floors and I feel like I am totally done.

Only 5 more weeks of work....I really hope there are no more snow days....I'm beyond exhausted from all the planning and detail arranging. Being 29 weeks pregnant makes for slower movements and added I'm often starving.

Looking forward to a less busy weekend and couponing grocery trip...and some good naps!

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