Monday, February 28, 2011

Creating a New Normal

I resigned last week effective Friday.

Baby J and working are not a good combo right now. The tables kept getting lower, the kids kept getting louder, the contractions and pains wouldn't stop so I resigned 2 weeks before the time I was going to.

It was a good health and Baby J's health are more important than any job and my job as wife and mother are also more important than being a teacher.

So now I get to learn how to be a SAHM. I get to figure out how to fill my time before baby comes. I know that once baby is here I will have plenty to do and then the big kids will be out of school before we know it and then we will have to learn again.

It's weird. Yet it's also nice. I really didn't sleep well. I kept dreaming that I was on this rollercoaster and I literally was getting dizzy and felt like the bed was spinning. Turns out I was really hungry...hadn't eaten a lot of dinner and the orange I had at bedtime wasn't cutting it anymore! So I got up around 4 to have a snack...and then it was time to get the family off to work and school...Dan's starting to brownbag it again to save money and I needed to help him get his lunch together. So by the time I got Jaron to school and got home again I was pretty I ate breakfast(toast and oatmeal) and then I took a nap. And I feel much better.

So today I have napped, eaten, worked some on our taxes...Federal are completely done and I am working on the state ones...grrr...taxes...done some additional research on carseats and pricing and taken a shower. I also plan on working on the laundry and getting the kitchen more organized...but I may work on that tomorrow! I'll have time...I don't have a job anymore!

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