Friday, May 6, 2011

Finding the Balance

We are working on making sure that the big kids stay active in their lives even with the baby being here.  We don't want to shut down and have them become resentful of their brother simply because he is a baby and we are trying to be careful with him.

Yesterday Janea had tryouts for the Talent Show at school and we let her tryout...even though it meant picking her up later...fortunately for me that meant Daddy could go and get her.

Today was Muffins with Mom at Jaron's Jaron, Jayden and I headed to his school and Jayden slept while Jaron and I enjoyed eating Doughnuts(no muffins at this event) together before his school day.

The babies schedule is now thrown off some and I may pay for it later but it's important for me to spend time with Jaron too

It's all about finding the balance of it all.

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