Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life with a Newborn

I forgot the tiredness of having a newborn.

Here's a rundown of my day and I am exhausted...

wake up---change and feed baby

put Dan's lunch together in the lunchbox

get big kids ready for school...strap in crying baby and drive Jaron to school.

Get home...feed baby.

Nap with Baby....

Change and feed baby again

Attempt to get laundry and chores is fussy so you carry baby and try to keep baby calm...chores don't really get done

Change and feed baby again

Go and pick up Jaron from school

Try to keep baby happy...give up and strap him in Moby and have him sleep...start praying he still sleeps tonight.

Cook dinner...then eat dinner while feeding baby

Attempt to hang with kids and husband...all while trying to keep baby happy...maybe bathe baby.

Fall asleep exhausted to wake up ever 2-3 hours to feed baby and pray that he will sleep alone.

I know that I am tired from lack of sleep and feedings...may not have had enough calories today...but man a newborn is tiring...looking forward to him sleeping more!

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