Thursday, May 5, 2011


I miss the sleep I used to have before I got pregnant and the baby was born.  I could sleep for hours without interruptions from kids, husband, or anything.  I could sleep on my stomach or side easily and comfortably and sleep for 6-9 hours at a time.

While pregnant, I had to deal with the belly and not being able to get comfortable.  I learned to sleep with a little person inside me who kicked and moved and caused me discomfort, and I got up to pee a lot but I did get stretches of up to 4 hours at time towards the end and it was good.

Now, I don't sleep enough.  I'm fortunate if I can get 2 hours uninterrupted and alone.  Jayden loves to be held at night and so I do co-sleep some just to get rest...last night he made it about 2 hours in the bassinet at 2 different times so I got more sleep.  Then during his morning nap I try to get some extra sleep...I was a wreck yesterday due to the lack of sleep.

We will be working on Jayden's sleep schedule as he gets older and I do try to make sure he is up during the day so that I can sleep at night.  Life with a newborn is a challenge and we're all relearning how to deal with a baby in the house.

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