Sunday, May 1, 2011


It's Sunday!  May 1st...feels like April just sped by...but having a new baby will do that for you!  Jayden is 3 weeks old today...and we made it to both church and Sunday School this morning.

Jayden will definately be heading to the nursery soon...he's a little noisy during church and we were very distracted and leaving and returning and I feel that is intrusive to others so I know that there are people in the nursery to watch babies and I will feel comfortable sitting in church and learning and letting someone else watch the baby for a short time...he'll probably still go with us to Sunday School...trying to minimize the germs...

We are also getting used to not going out for lunch after church.  It's really not in the budget now that I am not working and since the baby needs to eat soon after church it's a good idea to head home.  Today for lunch we enjoyed homemade hamburgers, french fries baked in the oven and each other's company.

Now on to laundry and naps  and hopefully we will be ready to start the week ahead!

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