Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So much for good intentions

I started May with the intent to be a good blogger and for the beginning of the month I was.

However, life got more hectic and I kept putting it off and here we are the last day of May and I haven't blogged in over a week.

Some of life's little things this month

Jayden turned 1 month old, found out he's growing great was 12.6 pounds at his one month checkup which was actually when he was 5 weeks old.  He got his first shot...poor thing and he's starting to smile and be more awake for us.

Janea is finishing up 5th grade.  I got to go with her on a field trip fishing with her class, such a pretty day for that.  She has been privileged to have lots of field trips this quarter and has 2 this week...the last week of school.  She also was in the school talent show and did a good job in a magic act with a friend.  On a side note, she is learning to knit and does a great job.

Jaron is finishing 2nd grade.  He's reading at an advanced level for his grade and we are very proud of him.  He needs to work on his spelling but for the most part is doing well.  He can be really squirrelly  but that is part of being a boy I think... He's looking forward to summer vacation but will be going to Summer School to help mom out and make some friends since he will be switching schools in the district next year.

So that's a little bit of what's going on with us...hope life is treating you well and i hope to do better for the month of JUNE!

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