Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Sticking" Together

"Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but words will never hurt me"
remember that rhyme?  It isn't true...words do hurt but this post isn't about the words it's about Sticks.

Sticks....lots of sticks!

We have 4 large trees in our front yard.  We have one large tree in our back yard.  We had a very snowy winter...which means lots of sticks have fallen off of our trees and into our yard.

The husband hates sticks!  Especially when he is mowing our yard.  They kick up, poke, clog the mower.  So every time he mows he sends the 10 year old around the yard to look for sticks.

The 10 year old isn't the greatest at finding all the sticks...but he gets a lot of them. I too went around looking for the sticks and Dan helped a lot too!

The big question then becomes what are we going to do with all these STICKS!  It's usually a really high pile!

This weekend we took care of the sticks by burning them.  In the past  we have burned them in the fireplace...a horrible messy job that drive me as the mom crazy!  There will be stick particles and dirt everywhere.  

The husband knows that I hate this so we went out and bought a fire-pit this weekend.  And we burned sticks yesterday...for almost 2 hours!  We had a lot of sticks.  

Dan was busy mowing the lawn, so I got put in charge of manning the fire.  I really don't fire.  I was badly burned as a young child and fire makes me really nervous.  But the job needed to be done and I am a much more logical choice to man the job then the 10 year old.  The firstborn was off doing the drama thing at her school.

So yesterday the lawn got mowed, the sticks got burned, we worked together.  It was good...I smelled terrible last night and was super tired but I felt like we had accomplished something.

On a cute note...the toddler got a lawnmower for his birthday from Grandma and Grandpa and he was going around and around the house yesterday just like daddy mowing the lawn!  I wish I had had my camera out to capture the cuteness of it all!

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