Friday, April 5, 2013

Toddler Fun

Tonight, Jayden and I played in his room and we did the following:

  • Built a train set, took it apart, remade it, and then drove a car on it....bububububub...
  • Climbed on the bed and spun in circles(I didn't do this but sat and watched)
  • Hid 2 legos in a blanket bucket and then hid ourselves in the bucket and then covered mommy up and said peek a boo
  • Cooked some imaginary food and shoved it in mommy's mouth...(still working on the concept of gentle)
  • Sang Ring around the Rosie about a 100 times and got dizzy and fell down.
  • Shared kisses and hugs
  • Got into jammies
Now he just needs to go to bed, cuz mommy is TIRED!  Jayden is still going strong but boy, I'm tired!

Love My Little Man!

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