Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Month of "Mayhem"

Anyone else feel like the month of May is moving too fast?

It's only the 7th and I already feel like it should be over.

May is important in our family for many different reasons but this May is extra far this month this has happened.

May 2-3:  "I HATE SHAKESPEARE"--Janea was in her first school production as a middle -school student.  She did a great job!  I am one proud Mama and look forward to supporting her through many more productions!

May 3-5  Fishing with Grandma and Grandpa!  We went down for Kids Fishing Day at Bennett this place but it was COLD!  We got a record snow in May here in the great midwest!  Usually the first of May is warm and nice...this weekend not so much but we still had a great time and the kids enjoyed fishing, feeding the fish and hanging out with their grandparents~

May 4th was also a big day as my wonderful parents celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary!  I pray that Dan and I are able to have as productive a marriage as my parents have!

May 6th--Beautiful weather returned and we decided to enjoy an evening at the park.  Jayden loves the park!  As we were going I remembered that our church had a fundraiser for our Mexico team at Burger we went and supported them and I didn't have to cook.

This week has brought Wax Museum of Famous Missourians for Jaron and he dressed up and did a speech on Walter Elias Disney for his Famous Missourian.

Janea is finishing up her Map Testing and working on finishing the school year with many research projects.

Wednesday is AWANA awards night for Jaron

Thursday is Dan's birthday and Muffins with Mom for me and Jayden at our school.

The weekend ahead is full of Mother's Day and Calvary's commencement for my parents....and until school's out I don't think we get to have a breather as we have upcoming meetings and inductions into NJHS for Janea!

Thankful for a busy month and enjoyable things!

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