Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wow...what a Day!

Okay, it's only 1:45 in the afternoon but wow I have had a super busy day....

Here's a taste of our crazy day...

I wake up late...the house is cold, my bed is warm and I don't want to get I finally drag myself out of bed and on my way to the kids rooms I check the thermostat...WHAT!!!62 degrees??? That's not right, it should be closer to 70...

Get the kids up, they are moving slow since they are cold and not feeling like getting out of their warm beds...Janea also check the thermostat and she is getting a little panicky because it's cold...but we muster through.

At work, my boss is out sick and I am running late and I am worried about my house and the furnace. So I call our landlords and they get me in touch with a heating guy and he can be at my house this afternoon...well Dan is sleeping and I can't get a hold of him and so I am able to get away for the heat..turns out we had a non functioning connector so we were only getting a third of the heating power...fortunately we still had some heat unlike last March when it would not come on at all.

Come back to sitting at my desk during naptime and wondering what is going to happen this evening...but grateful to be going home to a warm house.

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