Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Laundry, the Kitchen and a Baby

I am working on getting my house in order.

Big jobs can be overwhelming so I am trying to tackle small portions and by the end of the week I should be about done.

LAUNDRY: Laundry is my's always there. Even if I get all the laundry done, by bedtime there is new laundry to do...sometimes I think we should join a nudist colony so we wouldn't have any laundry but seriously that is an "EWWWW" kinda thought...I have real issues with nudity...especially naked dreams and the fact I was always worried in high school that the rapture would happen while I was in the shower and it would take a while and the whole world would see me float into heaven naked...but I digress...all this to say I hate laundry. Well, I have all the laundry sorted and ready to wash, and after Dan leaves for work I get started. I'm trying to do at least 2 loads a day and keep up with it. I also am teaching the kids to put their clothes in the right color bins to help me...hopefully a big step in the right direction.

Kitchen: Today this is my focus, I have reorganized a cabinet, cleaned counters, floors and got it into much better shape. Honestly, this is the easiest room to clean because we use it the most but still it REALLY needed to be done. I need to develop proper and good habits for cleanup as soon as we are done eating. My goal for 2010 is to not go to bed until all dishes are in the dishwasher and the kitchen is ready for the next day...I really need to be more diligent in this area....I can't change the world, but I can change ME!

A BABY: I got to see my friend Crystals new baby today. I went to the hospital after lunch and got to just visit and hold the little darling girl. She is so sweet and precious. So small and tiny and she slept for nearly the whole time I was holding her. There is something just so wonderful about new babies. I love them.

Well, I better get done posting and get back to the laundry...see it's a never ending cycle....still working on my goals for the new year.

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