Friday, February 26, 2010

Great End to a Busy Week

It's been Spirit week...Monday Pajama Day, Tuesday SuperHero Day, Wednesday Sports Day, Thursday Crazy Day and We finished up the week today with Hat Day! Great fun, cute hats...loved it. Makes for a very fun week but a very long week!

Dan's put in a TON of over time this week and he is working tonight and I was feeling tired and not wanting to cook and I hadn't seen my folks in over a month so I called em up and wanted to know if they wanted to get dinner with me and the kids. Well, they were all over that and they were planning on going to the local BBQ place --Odens--and I said that sounds good so we all went out for dinner together. Such a good time of talking and sharing and hanging out. My dad's arm is getting better and he's got this wicked scar that does funny things when he moves his arm it's kina crazy! My mom's been busy with Drama and picture taking and I am busy so it was nice to share our lives! The kids enjoyed seeing Grandma and Grandpa and we all enjoyed some yummy Food. A great end of the week and I didn't have to cook! I love that!

Thanks Mom and Dad for dinner! I love you!

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