Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things that make me go UUUUGHHH!

1. co workers who are hyper sensitive and fly off the deep end when they just need to chill, relax and think about the situation.

2. children who cry and cry and cry when they are in trouble, as if crying loud will make the time out faster.

3. the way my students can whine my name so that it's 5 syllables Mrs. Jonathan, comes out MIIIISSSUUUSSSSS JJJOOONNNNAAATTHHAAANNN! and they don't just say it once its repeated over and over and over until I am ready to SCREAM!

4. the theme song music to Super Mario Bros's annoying when listened too over and over and over.

5. taking a shower and then realizing all the Clean towels are in the dryer and not the cabinet~!

6. cold weather, no sunshine, and snow that is just's like living in a snow globe...

I've been trying to focus on God today and just live in Peace with my creator...but oh it's like things are hitting me on all sides today...I'm ready for bed...not heading there yet but I am so ready!

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