Saturday, February 27, 2010

Love IT

It being Clearance racks...LOVE THEM!

Today Janea and I went to get her some new shoes and a present for a birthday party she's going to this afternoon.

Well, since we were there I checked out a few's a rundown of what I got Janea:

1 brown hooded sweatshirt zip jacket...$5.00

1 denim jumper with matching shirt...$5.00

black sparkly leggings to wear under jumper(it's short but with leggings will be so cute) $3.00

Purple pajamas--$5.00

and since I looked for me too..
1 button down shirt for work...$3.00

So I got 5 total clothes items and spent a grand total of $21.00. Not too shabby! I love end of season clearance!

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