Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Good Kind of Hard Day

I hate it when my class is crazy and one of my students is having a hard day. I have one little boy currently in my class who is dealing with a lot. We are working with his parents to find out what is going on. Its deeper than simple behaviour issues. It's probably something neurological and we are in the process of diagnosing him. This is a long process, filled with questions, tests, and observations before you can get an answer. There isn't going to be an easy fix with this, and I know this and am working with the family. That we had an observer come in to spend time observing his behaviors. The thing I hate about classroom observers is that often when they come they don't observe the desired behavior because the children put on their "best" know the perfect little angel routine. Well, today that didn't happen. My student was his typical self if not a little bit worse than normal! Made for a really long day but I am relieved because now that this process is occuring maybe we can determine Effective techniques for dealing with him. So it was a Hard Day and yet it was a GOOD day because the issues that I needed looked at were seen! I'm tired and thankful all wrapped up into one.

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