Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Heart

The heart is an amazing organ, pumping blood and moving it through the body.

The heart is the emotional center of our feelings and we take things there.

Hearts can change and grow or they can harden and be unshakeable.

Our pastor this morning spoke on Roman 12:14-16 and the attitude of the heart. It has really made both Dan and I think about things and reexamine issues in our life. Makes us look at hurts and problems that have been around for 6+ years. I think there is some softening going on with hardened hearts. I'm not getting my hopes up but there has been discussion of things in a new and encouraging way. I'm seeing the hand of God work on both my life and the lives of my family. There is Hope, not that I had given up hope but I had resolved myself to be okay with things that I thought couldn't change.

My heart tonight is full of joy and love. I am excited to see what God has planned for us in the near future. I keep thinking tonight of Jer. 29..."for I know the plans for you, sayeth the Lord...plans to proper you and do well by you!

Thank you God for the way you love us hard hearted people and the way that only you can truly make things change!

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