Sunday, June 20, 2010

Making Changes

So with Dan's new job he has to change his work attire. He will be wearing more "office" clothing you know "professional" wear. Well, he doesn't really have a lot of that in his closet, he's more a jeans and polo, or T-shirt kind of guy. That means, we went shopping!

I had received a $10 gift card to get me to shop at Kohls, so to Kohls we went. Dan got 2 new shirts and 2 pairs of nice pants. We also got him a nice shirt when we went to the Bass Pro Shop(crazy huh?) over the weekend.

Well, we are now in the process of changing our bedroom and rearranging closet spaces and getting rid of clothing that is no longer needed or fits well. I'm hopeful that we will rearrange our bedroom to a different configuration.

Change can be a very good thing and I am looking forward to all the changes that this movement to day shift brings us.

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