Thursday, June 3, 2010

2 kids, the UPS store, the DOR and me

Today we ran errands.

We had to go and see if my tax receipt was at the UPS store and then we had to go to the DOR...aka the DMV...aka the liscense plate place(as Jaron calls it) so that I could get my car plates renewed. I was supposed to do that in May but May was so busy and stressfilled that I kept postponing taking care of it and before I knew it..."POOF"...May was over!

Well, now the car is legal again! Wahoo for least all I had to do this time was change the sticker unlike last time when I had to put new plates on the I was only 3 days late as opposed to 2 months or so behind. So it's all good! Hooray for small victories!

So as a reward for the kids...I took them to Quik's the little things that make them happy some time and for that I am grateful!

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Kara said...

I like your tag "supercool mom" : ). Quick trip is ALWAYS a worthy reward!