Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A No Win Situation

Well, I received word and I am officially unemployed. The building for my school fell through and the church we have been sharing space with wants us out of the building by July 2nd. That being said, I have a closet full of stuff that I was hoping would be moved to the new space before school starts. Now that we don't have a space I have to clean it all out.

2 rubbermaids and a milk crate later I have about 1/2 of my stuff cleaned out. I went today and picked up lot of my stuff. I didn't take the kids since I am more productive when they are not with me. Bad thing is Dan is sleeping during the day and he is working lots of extra hours due to shifting his position in a few weeks and his vacation time which we are taking next week. I guess they were a little I'm not productive when they go with me and they are too loud when they stay home and now I feel like a bad mother and wife and I am feeling frustrated.

AAAAUUUUGGHHH...It's definitely a NO WIN situation that I am facing.

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Jason Hughes said...

I'm facing the real possibility of my company closing as well. I expect to join your ranks in just a few weeks... I know you are strong and you will pull through, but it's never easy getting everything done that needs done while trying to care for your family as well... A big hug to you! Things will calm down, and I know you will land on your feet, even if it will be scary for a while...