Sunday, June 6, 2010

Worlds of Fun Day

Janea wanted to go to World of Fun for her Tenth Birthday. Her birthday is coming up on Tuesday so Saturday was the perfect day to go. It was hot and tiring but we had a lot of fun. Here's quite a few pictures of our day of fun and Family!

Janea's ready to go!
Jaron's super excited!
Tickets for the day!

First ride...Camp Snoopy and the Red Baron

Dan and I had fun with all the Snoopy the Kite Eating Tree
Woodstocks Airmail...the Detonator for kids
Jaron loved it!

Lucy and I had a nice that it only cost 5 cents!
More fun on the Easy rides!

Dan got some help too.

Dan fooled the guessers and won prizes for the kids

We got wet on the Fury of the Nile!

The kids with their Daddy won prizes...Jaron got a dragon
Janea got a Violet Wolf!
Dan and the kids waiting for a rollercoaster
Waiting to ride the Spinning Dragons
Jaron's not quite tall to go on most but could go with Daddy on this one!

On the rollercoaster!

Jaron after the rollercoaster
The Octopus....a spinning nightmare for super sick on this one
Kids loved this one....would have rode it multiple multiple times if allowed.

Dan went one time with them....I was still recovering from the Octopus!

Dan picks his shot and the kiddos pick their noses at the shooting range
Dan and Janea went to ride the prowler and Jaron went to ride some Jaron sized rides.

We had a great time and will definitely go again another year! Love quality family time!

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