Thursday, March 17, 2011


Every year our church holds a Grand Prix. Basically it means the kids make racers out of wood and the we have an evening when we race the cars. It's both a humongous pain and a lot of fun at the same time. When you don't have tools and the like it's a challenge to get the cars cut out. The kids often have a different design in their heads then what you can do and it can be a really big mess. The last few years our church has been having work days where you can go and cut out the cars and they provide saws, drills and we have been in car building mode for the last 2 weeks. Jaron decided he want to make a half pipe and skate park for his car. Janea was initially going to make a skateboard, but it evolved into a phone when we needed to add clay to hers to give it more weight. Then we went through the hassle of trying to reduce the weight because it was too heavy! But we were proud of the finished products!
Janea's Cell Phone...complete with numbers!
Jaron's Skate Park Half Pipe

Jaron took 2nd place for design...we are good at design...not so good at speed!

Janea took 3rd place T&T for design...she was very happy...just what she had wanted!

I help out every year and this year I was the recordkeeper and so here I am in all my pregnant glory! People kept coming up to me asking when I was due and the announcer kept making jokes and implied I was having Triplets! Dan was in charge of picture taking this year and took so many that I will have to upload more of them later!
All in all I am satisfied, more than a little relieved to be done with another years race and pleased with all the results!

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