Sunday, March 6, 2011

34 Today

I turned 34 today at exactly 5:15 CST since I was born at exactly 3:15 PST. I'm old!

I've had a most enjoyable birthday! I got to go to church this morning! I love my church and enjoy getting to worship with my church family! Dan and I did skip Sunday School and go to breakfast which was nice!

The afternoon was spent with my parents and kiddos. They treated the 4 of us to lunch at one of my favorite local Mexican restaurants where I got to eat one of my favorite dishes...and it was SOOO good! Dan is fighting off a virus or cold or something so after lunch we dropped him off at home so he could nap...and then we went to my mom and dad's to have cake! Yellow cake with chocolate icing! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! My parents did make me blow out 34 candles...not an easy feat for someone who is 33 weeks pregnant! But I did it!

It was nice to just sit and chat with my mom! I love my mom and its a blessing to just share and talk and hang out...she's been very busy lately and its been nice to see her!

So I have leftovers for tomorrow...some extra cake to enjoy and the privilege of being 34...hope I'm older and Wiser!

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