Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ready??? Or Not Ready???

I have roughly 7 weeks to go with this pregnancy.

People ask me if I am "ready". The answer is Yes and No.

I am ready to have my body back.
I am ready to not have a little boy jumping on my bladder and kicking and waking me up at night to use the bathroom what feels like a hundred times.
I am ready to sleep on my stomach again.
I am ready to not have to remind Jaron to not hug me so hard or to be careful while around me.
I am ready to be able to wear shoes with laces again.
I am ready to put my socks and underwear and clothing on without feeling like a contortionist.
I am ready to meet this little guy and get to know him.
I am ready to see how he will fit into the family dynamic.

I am NOT ready with the baby room. So far I have a changing table dresser, pack and play bassinet and that's about it. I still need a crib and mattress and to arrange and clean the room
I am NOT ready for labor...dreading the birthing process again.
I am NOT ready with enough clothing for baby to last a week. I really need to get on this.
I am NOT ready with meals and the like....gotta plan ahead with easy to fix stuff.
I am NOT ready to juggle a newborn with the needs of an 8 year old boy and 10 year old girl. I know the big kids will be a big help but I am concerned if I will be a good mom to all of them.

So I am working on getting ready. I am making lists and tackling small jobs as I have energy to do them. I am thinking through the whole process and investigating affordable furniture options for the babies room. I am feeling like I don't have what I need and not sure where the best deals can be found. I'm just not quite ready for baby. Thankful for a few more weeks to get ready.

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