Monday, March 21, 2011

Deals and Stuff

I got two really cute maternity shirts today for $2.00! Wahoo! They will be good for Spring as they are both 3/4 sleeve length.

Got the baby some summer outfits today too...3 for $1.oo and 1 for $ all in all I spent $7.55 and got 6 that!

Doctor's appointment this morning...all is well, weight gain is good, blood pressure is good, fetal heartrate good. Had my Strep B test and hoping its all good too. Next Monday I go and have my last sonagram and hopefully one of my last appointments. We are down to the final month...he can come at anytime...but I'm still hoping for April. Janea is saying 16 days and Jaron doesn't care! Baby has to wait until after next Monday when I have my pre-registration at the hospital...that way we will be good to go..!

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