Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pondering Rain

"Rain Rain...go away...
Come again some other day"

Remember that rhyme.  I remember growing up in Sunny California and thinking this on some rainy days.  

I used to dislike Rainy I enjoy them.

There is something wonderful about a gentle falling rain.  A good soak for the earth.  There is something fun in splashing in puddles and walking in the rain

We had a very dry summer.  A long and dry.  It was not the greatest.

This year we are getting more rain.  

Last night it rained, thundered and hailed.  Spring weather in February!  I love the sound of rain on the roof.

It made me think of my journey.

Rain is good....tears are good.  Sadness is helpful.  Blessings come in unexpected ways.

The song above is one that has touched me many times especially when I am feeling down or low.  Sometimes pain and trials are God's way of making me a stronger vessel to serve him.  Sometimes when things are hard I need to look for the blessing instead of the pain.

Sometimes I have to serve my family instead of demanding they serve me.  It's about being a blessing and being blessed.

I hope you are blessed and being a blessing to others today!  

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