Sunday, February 3, 2013

Loving the Unlovable

We all know that person who just can push your buttons faster than you would like.

They are annoying, they are obnoxious, they are self centered, they are just not someone you like to be around.

I have one of these in my life right now.  We attend the same church

This person also really likes me or just doesn't see how she annoys me.

Don't get me wrong, she is a very sweet girl.  She loves people, and she loves Jesus and she love my family.  She tries to be helpful and I appreciate that on one hand, but on the other hand, I just want to turn the other direction and not interact with her at all!

I think God has placed her in my life because he wants me to learn how to LOVE.

according to I Corinthians 13 Love is this...
  • patient,
  • kind,
  • not jealous, 
  • not a braggart,
  • not arrogant, 
  • does not act unbecomingly
  • does not seek its own,
  • is not provoked, 
  • does not take into account a wrong,
  • does not rejoice in unrighteousness, 
  • rejoices in the truth,
  • bears all things, 
  • believes all things, 
  • hopes all things, 
  • love never fails.
When I am around her I will admit I am not these things but I am praying that I will be.  I have to love those who are unlovable to me, just as others need to love me when I am unlovable.  

I was probably not the most lovable when I was younger, I have days when I am not the most lovable now but that is no excuse for me not to love.  

It's my desire to be loving to all who need to be loved, whether I find them lovable or not...even if its not always what I find the easiest thing to be doing!

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