Monday, April 4, 2011

Showers of Blessings

Note: pictures will be added later...the camera is packed in the hospital bag and I am not unpacking it and forgetting it if I go into labor!

My church was so generous and had a lovely baby shower for me last Thursday night. We had given away or gotten rid of most if not all of our baby stuff in the past 4-5 years as we had thought that we were done with having babies. Well, surprise we are pregnant with basically nothing left. I had a few odds and ends but nothing substantial. The church normally only has showers for first babies but since I was starting over they had one for me. The ladies of my church are such an encouragement. Now baby has towels, sheets, blankets, bowls, spoons and quite a few cute little outfits. We were also blessed with gift cards and such and that has been a blessing with getting a crib mattress and other odds and ends that you don't think about registering for!

Dan's work also had a shower for him! He called me Friday on his way home from work and said that they had a shower for him! We received lots of diapers and wipes...I'm well stocked up on newborn size and size 1! Some cute clothes and two cute teddy bears. They also gave us a few gift cards and all the extra help has been a blessing.

We are feeling loved and supported by friends and coworkers and are ready to meet this little person. I'm hoping he comes this week...I'm much more uncomfortable and so ready to meet our little guy! Thank you to everyone who help to make us feel so loved and we are totally blown away by your generosity!

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