Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I Had Forgotten

Since we have not had an infant in the house since Jaron was a baby I had forgotten what life with a newborn is like.

I forgot what it feels like to be so tired.  We've been home only 2 nights and already I feel like I will not really sleep again.  I forgot what it feels like to get up with someone in the middle of the night.

I forgot how tiring a newborn can be...they don't really do anything but they are exhausting...I think it's from the nursing and trying to establish a pattern.

I forgot how much your body changes and how hard it works to get a baby out...I forgot that it takes weeks to get your strength completely back.

I forgot how happy a little one can make you.  The sweetness of a baby and just the wonder that you helped to bring this little one into the world.  I forgot how the world seems to stop just because you have had a baby.

I've forgotten a lot but I am remembering and enjoying this new little person.  I'm really tired and very thankful for the fact that my parents have been able to help us out!  Dan's already back to work so I am home with the baby by myself but I am not as overwhelmed as I was when Janea and Jaron were little.  So it's a good thing...Jayden is doing well and we are learning how to be a family of 5!

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