Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Waiting Game

We are playing the waiting game right now.

Baby could come at anytime.  Or Baby could wait until later...and since we don't know what day it will be it's challenging right now to wait.

I'm having contractions daily...some are really big and painful and regular but then they stop.  I don't want to be a wimp and go to the doctor to early but I am getting frustrated at the same time.

When I was pregnant with Janea I didn't know what to expect and my water broke first.

With Jaron I went into labor earlier than planned and while surprised I had a feeling he was coming.

This baby...I'm clueless...I think he's coming and then I am like nope...I don't know...and since the big kids were early at 37 (Jaron) weeks and 38 (Janea) weeks I have never gone to my due date so I am like..okay here I am same time as the other can come!  He isn't listening very well so far.   I tell him it's okay to come, Daddy has told him, Jaron has told him, Janea won't talk to my stomach but she has even said it outloud...we are ready for him to come.

So we wait...and wait...and wait...


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