Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trying to Deal

I'm trying to deal with my feelings toward my family.

I'm tired and yet I don't get to nap...others' nap but not I am trying to be encouraging towards the ones sleeping and not be bitter.

I get hungry but I am the only one who really makes food for people...unless other's bring a home cooked meal I have to suck it up and cook something if I want to eat!  It isn't fair but it is life and I am grateful to have food to prepare and eat.

I'm trying to be understanding and kind but I want to be selfish and make others take care of me...and I can't force them to do that and so I am trying to deal with it all...this too shall pass and life will get easier again.  I do feel better than I did even a few days ago and I will continue to feel better so this too shall pass and I will learn how to deal with it all.

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