Saturday, January 26, 2013

Future Cities Competition

We had our first taste of crazy competition timing. For something other than sports...we don't do sports.

The firstborn was here, on a field trip for STAR for school.  She has been working on this project for several weeks with her class at school.  They have to design a city, build a model, create essays and papers, and then present it for judging.

I think this is great, it builds teamwork, critical thinking skills, a lot of thinking outside the box, hands on learning.  Janea has had to work in a group(something she is not good at), deal with stresses that she has no control over, and be content with things not being as perfect as she envisions them in her head!  I'm happy that she is able to work on these projects and do this type of learning...she needs it.

The only downside, it's at K-State, a 2-3 hour drive away from where we live, and the competition starts at 8:30 with check in at they had to leave at an obscenely early hour, 4:30 am. The firstborn is not a morning person but she got up, the husband was very gracious and took her this morning so I could sleep longer.  

They just got back and while she didn't win, she had a good time.  Glad she gets these opportunities to grow and learn!

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