Thursday, January 3, 2013

Toddler Tales: Tubes in, Noid's Out!

I've decided to add some new segments to the blog.  I really enjoy stories from other mom's and I thought that I would add some of the fun that we have with the Toddler...thus I birthed the idea of Toddler Tales. 

However today's tale will not be a funny tale but a record of a medical procedure.

It was dark early morning alarm clock on my phone started buzzing and I thought to myself..."why is this going off so early, then I remembered...we have to be at the hospital by 6:30 so I better get up"...20 minutes later I finally actually get up.  I'm tired, I haven't slept well at all, I've been rather keyed up knowing that tomorrow is a big day for the Toddler...he's getting Tubes put in and having his adenoids taken out.  I finally fell into a deep sleep after 3 and then the alarm went off at 5:00!  

I get up, get dressed, and find that Jayden is already awake. An hour earlier than normal, he must realize that something is going on today.  So we go on our ritual morning adventure of making sure everyone is still home...they are, the only other one up is Dan, and he is getting ready for work.  I've make lunches for the big kids and put them on the kitchen table, remind everyone of what needs to be done before school and made sure the big kids are awake and then I leave with Jayden, we are off to Grandma's to pick her up before we head to Harrisonville and the hospital.

I pick up my mom at 6:10 and we head south.  The 20 minute drive to Harrisonville seems longer than normal in the dark, it's pitch black and I'm tired, Jayden is happy in the back seat and isn't aware of what will be happening in a little over an hour.  It's nice to have company of another adult, Dan and I had decided to have him work today and me tomorrow, and we would take turns and today is my turn. I know he is worried but we are trusting and praying that everything will be okay. I'm very grateful my mom is with me and the conversation is keeping me  distracted.

We pull into the hospital parking lot at 6:30, it's really empty, there are not alot of people at the hospital yet.  We get our stuff out of the car and walk into the building.  A man behind the front desk says, "Tubes surgery?"  We reply, "yes".  He then comments on he figured since the only time little ones come in so early is usually on Thursday's(this is the day that the ENT does surgery) and today is Thursday so we must be here to get tubes in Jayden's ears.  

We are escorted to the surgery section and check in, it doesn't take long and I had made sure to have our ID and cards very easily accessible.  Mom and Jayden look at a book while we wait, we have our choice of seats in the waiting room, as we are the first ones.  We wait maybe 5 minutes and then we are escorted back to the prep room.

It's a nice little room and the nurse who will be taking care of us is super nice.  She goes over everything with us and we make sure we know his weight and height and by this point Jayden is starting to wonder what is going on. I try and distract him with my phone on my camera

Here's a picture we took on Grandma waiting and helping to keep Jayden happy.

The other is of Jayden as he has on his gown and is getting prepped, he really didn't like the gown and by the time it was time for him to go back he had taken it off.  He ended up not wearing the gown for the surgery, just his pants and socks!  Poor baby!

By this point, we have met with the Anesthesiology doctor and nurse, Dr. Luce our ENT and met lots of nurses.  I have signed that I understand what is happening and what to expect and that I trust the doctors and nurses to provide excellent care.   I have confirmed my babies identity and my identity and we are ready for the surgery.  

The moment I have been worried about is here.   I breathe a silent prayer, kiss him on the cheek and pass him to the nurse who whisks him away to the operating room.  He is reaching for me and calling "Mama, Mama, and crying,"  It's hard to see him leave but I know he needs this procedure and I have peace.  

Mom and I head to the waiting room.   We have around 45 minutes before we will hear anything, so we head to get a drink from the cafeteria and use the restroom and then we sit and wait for the surgery to be over.  About 35 minutes later, Dr. Luce comes out and lets us know the procedure went well, he did have an infection behind his left ear and he had huge adenoids.  She lets us know he may be cranky and what to expect and that we will get to see him soon.  

Poor baby!  Groggy after surgery.
10-15 minutes go by and I go and use the restroom one more time before we go back to him.  After another 10 minutes I am a little bit anxious and then they finally let me go back to my baby.  He is awake!  Poor thing,he is groggy, disoriented and not happy at all.  He is drinking apple juice and coming around and the nurses say he is doing well.  I get to hold and snuggle him and make sure that he gets some calories in him.  We text Daddy and Grandpa and let them know he is okay. And then we finish the recovery process.

By 9:25 we are able to go home.  At 9:30 we are in the car leaving the parking lot.  In and out in 3 hours.  I take my mom home and then Jayden and I go home to hang out and feel better.  

We eat, drink and play.  Take a long afternoon nap and with the exception of get cranky and fussy faster he seems to be doing pretty well.  He'll be home a few more days and then we will go back to our normal routines of life!

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