Thursday, January 14, 2010


I've been exploring the concept of difference.

I'm fascinated with how different the genders can be, siblings can be, animals can be.

I love how God created everything to be just a little bit different. We are not clones or copies of one type. We all are unique people, with unique quirks and things that make us interesting. No two people are exactly the same. Even twins are different. This is so fascinating to me on so many levels.

In my classroom the differences between boys and girls was quite interesting. During Free Choice time today all the boys chose to go and play with toys on the carpet. Legos, pyramid blocks and building wheels were all used to make cars, trucks, airplanes, and other cool sculptures. The girls though were writing and coloring and using crayons, markers and colored pencils to make their creations. All the students were being creative, just in different ways.

I'm so thankful for the variety of differences in this world and how God makes all of us just a little bit different from the people around us. Makes life fun and interesting!

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