Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Storm is Brewing

We are about to get another big dose of winter weather.

I'm home today since my school, the kids school, and about every other school district I know of cancelled school for today.

We're supposed to get snow and then an Arctic Blast will move through with gusting winds and brutally cold wind chills. That will happen tonight and there is a chance of blizzard like conditions over night...when Dan is driving I will be in watching and praying mode tonight as I askGod for safety for my husband as he drives home from work. He's a good driver and careful but the weather is so yucky and I am worried about visibility for him.

I haven't seen weather like this in many years and it's a good thing we don't have them every year, cuz, I might lose my sanity...

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Melisa said...

Just could be worse. We could live in Maine or NH where they get stuff like this all the time! I don't mind the snow, but the brutal wind chills can definately go!